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The might of white: Decor without the colour wheel
Jeffrey Fisher: I often dream of one day living in a room void of colour. Maybe we all do. Whenever I come across pictures of mostly white rooms in magazines or on websites, I stare at them as if they hold the answers to a better life
Mike Holmes: Radon makes a comeback
Most people are scared of radon. The truth is not a lot of people know what it is. They usually think it’s a soil problem. But it’s actually a gas problem
Home of the Week: Live luxuriously in the Annex
When you’re lucky enough to be friends with a designer who also happens to be the design editor of House & Home magazine, it’s no wonder your house looks like it’s fit for the pages of a magazine
Outtakes from Downton Abbey, the real story
Was there a real, conniving Thomas the footman? 'Oh, I think there were several,' says the Countess. Juicy bits from Post Homes editor Shari Kulha's visit to Highclere Castle
On the Homestead: Delivery ward open for business
New kid on the block! Our weekend farmer, Diane Doiron, has photographed a human birth, but has never had a hand in birthing goats — until now