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Highrise from Onni a first for Port Coquitlam
New ‘suburbia’ features affordable and sustainable housing close to shops, dining and transit
Souvenir Style
Bring home only the useful and the beautiful
Condominiums that will meet LEED homes’ green-building standards
Brentwood Bay on Saanich Inlet priced to reflect recessionary building-expenses
Raven Woods to grow by 100 households
Five-storey Destiny addition to North Vancouver community a promise of glass-house-in-the-forest residency
Why a ‘James’ might be in your future
Builders and their brokers put a lot of thought into the names of their buildings
NPL Homes top stories
The might of white: Decor without the colour wheel
Jeffrey Fisher: I often dream of one day living in a room void of colour. Maybe we all do. Whenever I come across pictures of mostly white rooms in magazines or on websites, I stare at them as if they hold the answers to a better life
Mike Holmes: Radon makes a comeback
Most people are scared of radon. The truth is not a lot of people know what it is. They usually think it’s a soil problem. But it’s actually a gas problem
Home of the Week: Live luxuriously in the Annex
When you’re lucky enough to be friends with a designer who also happens to be the design editor of House & Home magazine, it’s no wonder your house looks like it’s fit for the pages of a magazine
Outtakes from Downton Abbey, the real story
Was there a real, conniving Thomas the footman? 'Oh, I think there were several,' says the Countess. Juicy bits from Post Homes editor Shari Kulha's visit to Highclere Castle
On the Homestead: Delivery ward open for business
New kid on the block! Our weekend farmer, Diane Doiron, has photographed a human birth, but has never had a hand in birthing goats — until now